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Imposter Syndrome • How To Overcome It • By Chance Wilson

It’s time! It’s just that simple. If you haven’t noticed, this world and this life will suffocate your dream and suck your ambition bone dry! I suppose it’s always been this way. With that being said, just stop for a moment. Stop looking or implying that you want validation to move forward. It’s time to approve yourself. Of course, this type of mindset can be difficult and easier said than done at times. So, here’s how I came to this realization. Here is the secret ingredient. Ready? It’s time. Yes! Time itself. The more I sought validation it cost me my biggest asset which is time. I was waiting for them to elevate me, and I was missing out on opportunities that were tailor made just for me. That’s why there’s no better time than right now. Approve yourself while you can.


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